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    UndertaleAU | Sudden Changes Cover | Sans - Bullet Hell

    Undertaleau | Sudden Changes Cover | Sans - Bullet Hell

    11 January 2020
    Pista original por pixelcrusher en soundcloud undertale es de toby fox nombre original sudden changes cover bullet hell pagina principal soundclou...
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    OverSaveTale Minigame Sudden changes Phase 1

    Oversavetale Minigame Sudden Changes Phase 1 "bullet Hell" 1 Hour

    27 September 2020
    Sprite by pixelcrusher10 on deviantart bgm by d gaster soundcloud d gaster sudden changes sans game gamejolt games oversave tale 529806 gamedownl...
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    Sudden Changes Undertale AU -

    Sudden Changes Undertale Au - "bullet Hell" Nitro Remix Fixed

    22 January 2020
    There were multiple issues i found with the original upload i thought i was fine with but i couldnt stand it anymore so i fixed it enjoy again lol special...
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    Sudden Changes Sans Fight Phase 1-2

    Sudden Changes Sans Fight Phase 1-2

    23 September 2020
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    Noob Mode Sudden Changes Sans by FDY phase 1 OverSave-Tale 0.10 MINI GAME |Undertale Fan-Game|

    Noob Mode Sudden Changes Sans By Fdy Phase 1 Oversave-tale 0.10 Mini Game |undertale Fan-game|

    09 September 2020
    Download game drive google file d 1i95bkphy20vkmpkj1wdnpdikbj6ffx2s press hold fdy in battle for debug mode use space in battle with muffet for ...
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    Sudden changes : bullet hell

    Sudden Changes : Bullet Hell

    22 January 2020
    Thank you for watching link soundcloud listen to sudden changes bullet hell alternate cover by polarch1ve 2 on soundcloud soundcloud polarch1ve su...
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    Sudden Changes Sans Phase1 Soundtrack theme

    Sudden Changes Sans Phase1 Soundtrack Theme

    11 September 2020
    soundcloud d gaster sudden changes sans here is the music soundcloud d gaster sudden changes sans m bili...
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    Sudden CHANGES! English Version My Take | Oversave-Tale Version 0.10

    Sudden Changes! English Version My Take | Oversave-tale Version 0.10

    26 September 2020
    Translated to english by meekuzo modified using undertalemodtool help me reach 6 000 subscribers subscribe meekuzo meekuzo sub confirmation 1 ...
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    Bullet Hell x Shotdown  Sudden Changes x Swapped Changes  — Leave this mashup sucks

    Bullet Hell X Shotdown Sudden Changes X Swapped Changes — Leave This Mashup Sucks

    22 March 2020
    Shotdown youtu be ryasusplhtg bullet hell youtu be 0l nyv9otcu...
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    Undertale reacts to sudden change sans fight original link in desc gacha life

    Undertale Reacts To Sudden Change Sans Fight Original Link In Desc Gacha Life

    06 October 2020
    Original video link video by moroz youtu be b75qte3bpda...
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Top Comments On Sudden Changes Bullet Hell

    2008 red: Sans brought a gun from the american gun store

    Funblox: everyone does this ''video reacting'' i mean it omost need's no skill to edit or animate, you just do reactions of the characters in the ''undertale'' and boom make something more original.

    Elias Martin: why does this exist?

    NERDS SEM LIMITES: Thats cringe

    LaurenWolfDragon: I surprised that they didn't wonder what language this is

    frisk dreemur: When sans is to lazy to see if the gatling gun is the actuall pistol hes looking for 0:29

    dorime: Bruh

    Mike Nerd: How the hell did the human shot?!?!

    Gustavo Rosa da Cunha: Sudden changes sans:hey chara its time to you die

    Sidharth Saikia: sans joins the fight with the G L O C K

    SįlYîRk tHę Føx: What if in the old phase 2 sudden haded 2 guns.

    ricardo magpayo: Genocide =)

    iTz_Manuelツ: In short: the shy person in the room against the quiet in the room :v

    Redster Bloodster: 99% of the comments : attacks

    1% of the comments : Why is everyone wearing headphones bruh

    Nauld Herald Samon: Chara should be in game but why is she in that side watching??

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