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    WPF Controls with MVVM: DataGrid

    Wpf Controls With Mvvm: Datagrid

    01 October 2018
    If you have been following along in this wpf mini series this is probably the one you have been waiting for taking data and displaying it on a wpf form in a w...
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    C# WPF Tutorial 17- Show database values in Table or DataGrid

    C# Wpf Tutorial 17- Show Database Values In Table Or Datagrid

    10 August 2013
    C how to get user entered data from datagridview to windows insert update and delete from datagridview to sqlite wpf mysql sql database wpf wpf ...
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    C# - WPF - How To Display DataGrid Selected Row Values in Text Boxes

    C# - Wpf - How To Display Datagrid Selected Row Values In Text Boxes

    18 April 2017
    Learn how to display datagrid selected row values in text boxes using visual c with wpf framework ...
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    How to bind DataGrid with Access database in WPF

    How To Bind Datagrid With Access Database In Wpf

    23 August 2015
    In this video tutorial we will learn how to bind datagrid with ms access database in wpf example of binding data grid with ms access in wpf using oledbconnect...
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    WPF  DataGrid to Excel Export

    Wpf Datagrid To Excel Export

    19 October 2016
    Http yazilimkodlama programlama wpf datagrid icindeki verileri excele aktarma ...
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    Load Excel in Word Addin into WPF DataGrid !! very powerfull Example Code

    Load Excel In Word Addin Into Wpf Datagrid !! Very Powerfull Example Code

    31 October 2018
    codedocu office 365 office office develop word addin colon load excel file into wpf datagrid 2404 word addin load excel file into wpf datagrid the fo...
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    WPF Show each row details in datagrid

    Wpf Show Each Row Details In Datagrid

    02 October 2015
    In this wpf video tutorial we will learn how to bind datagrid in wpf how to bind datagrid with datagridtextcolumn in wpf how to take rowdetailtemplate in...
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    WPF Application Datagrid SQLite Offline Database - WPF Tutorial Series#1

    Wpf Application Datagrid Sqlite Offline Database - Wpf Tutorial Series#1

    15 December 2016
    Here i shows you the final wpf application with a datagrid and sqlite database in the backend technologies used are wpf xaml and sqlite code can be find here...
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    WPF Controls | 27-Datagrid | Part-2

    Wpf Controls | 27-datagrid | Part-2

    21 February 2021
    In this part were going cover a few more properties such as rowbackground alternatingrowbackground flowdirection and then move on to hooking up more data to ...
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    WPF Data Validation - Exception, IDataErrorInfo, ValidationRule, & Annotations

    Wpf Data Validation - Exception, Idataerrorinfo, Validationrule, & Annotations

    24 July 2018
    In this video we cover creating dat validation in multiples of ways 1 by throwing an exception 2 by using the idataerrorinfo interface 3 by using custom va...
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    Oussama Sethoum: Thank you very much, this is very educative

    Surf Soul: Nice video.
    I have a little question when I tried the ValidationByDataAnnotation method, Unable to cast object of type 'System.Int32' to type 'System.Array' gave me this error, what have I done wrong?

    Solved Plus: very cool but how can we bind error collection in ex2 to the error template in ex3?

    Skyline34: The tool tip doesn't work by me.
    I have also a datagrid

    Richard Kerr: Great explanation and with different implementations - I've ended up using
    a combination of these to fit the needs of my view. Thanks for taking time to put these videos together.

    Paul Cuenin: very helpful. Thanks

    Sergio Tardío: Excelent video!!!! thanks

    gkn: Using the IDataErrorInfo approach together with an ErrorTemplate with <TextBlock Text="{Binding [0].ErrorContent}"/> seems to work. Am I right that ErrorCollection won't be necessary in this case?

    erik jansen: ErrorCollection will keep old messages. Where do you clear the collection?

    Antonio RodSe: Great explanation! Thank you so much.
    BTW: Thanks for the Ctrl+. tip. I knew it was possible but I didn't know the combination.

    Suriya Dexter: How to do it in the combo box??

    Dale D: Are you able to demo the validation being triggered by a button press....

    Hazem Elamir: many thanks for your valuable tutorial

    Danger418: Is it possible to disable/enable Submit button based on these validation errors?

    Peter Korosec: well done. Simple, short, clear. No fuss, no wasting time. Tip to the point. And also your english is understandable.

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