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    Coronavirus  Preparing a Contagion Survival Kit

    Coronavirus Preparing A Contagion Survival Kit

    01 February 2020
    The coronavirus is still in its early stages and weve yet to see the extent of the pandemic but having supplies on hand for any epidemic or outbreak is good...
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    Contagion Survival Kit: Preparing for a Wuhan Coronavirus Pandemic Outbreak. Preppers are you ready?

    Contagion Survival Kit: Preparing For A Wuhan Coronavirus Pandemic Outbreak. Preppers Are You Ready?

    24 February 2020
    For more free content visit my website at mdcreekmore are you ready for a pandemic outbreak could your family home quarantine for a month two or even t...
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    Pandemic Preparedness Kit #Coronavirus

    Pandemic Preparedness Kit #coronavirus

    09 February 2020
    Pdf http bit ly 2sws0b1 the following kit contains a basic set of supplies for pandemic preparedness measures in general the main tasks you should do duri...
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    How to prepare for the Coronavirus COVID-19

    How To Prepare For The Coronavirus Covid-19

    08 March 2020
    outbreak coronavirus pandemic with the rapid growth of the coronavirus around the world now is the time to prepare in this video well go through the st...
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    Top 10 Best Coronavirus Prepper Gear | Pandemic Preparedness Kit

    Top 10 Best Coronavirus Prepper Gear | Pandemic Preparedness Kit

    29 February 2020
    Top 10 best coronavirus prepper gear that you must keep at hand to tackle any emergency situation effectively and keep your self protected best coronavirus pr...
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    COVID-19 Quarantine + Last Minute Preps #Coronavirus

    Covid-19 Quarantine + Last Minute Preps #coronavirus

    22 March 2020
    Last minute preps readimask bit ly 2u7jsoy mira safety cm 6m gas mask http bit ly 2ifvks2 mira safety particlemax virus filter http bit ly 2vvayev ho...
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    How To Survive The Corona Virus 🦠 | Disinfecting Kit

    26 January 2020
    How to survive the corona virus here is everything you need purell hand wipes amzn to 36ypgwd sani hands amzn to 2t4qrni disposable face...
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    Items you'll need at home during a coronavirus outbreak

    Items You'll Need At Home During A Coronavirus Outbreak

    09 March 2020
    Here are the items youll need to have at home in the event that a coronavirus outbreak keeps you inside for an extended period of time this includes items you...
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    Prepper 101, How To Prep For A Viral Outbreak | Coronavirus #viraloutbreak #prepper #coronavirus

    Prepper 101, How To Prep For A Viral Outbreak | Coronavirus #viraloutbreak #prepper #coronavirus

    13 February 2020
    All my discounts deals http bit ly discountsandcoupons coronavirus pandemic wuhan ive waited long enough its time to address the coronavirus outbreak...
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    CORONAVIRUS | Survival Go Bag

    Coronavirus | Survival Go Bag

    17 March 2020
    Having a coronavirus go bag is essential in the event you need to pick up and go at a moments notice prepping in advance for covid 19 is what we should be doin...
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Top Comments On Coronavirus Preparing A Contagion Survival Kit

    Ameero Media: HAHAHAHA.. Lotion, can't be out here during the corona virus ashy.. Lawd! LOL

    Drained: Corona time

    Tallonfall: I live in a college dorm and they told us we needed 'go' bags in case we come into contact with someone with the virus. We would have one hour to pack everything and move into the quarentine dorm so this vid is hella appreciated 👏💯☠️

    The Messenger: They who call upon the name of THE LORD JESUS CHRIST shall be saved we confess with the mouth and believe in the heart that GOD raised Jesus Christ from the dead and HE is comming back AFTER the mass tribulations : Matthew 24 read all of it ok


    Meatwaggon: You need to redesign your bag around the 10 C's of survival:
    1) CUTTING TOOL - a 5-6 inch blade-length full-tang fixed-blade knife
    2) COMBUSTION - a ferrocerium rod and tinder that lights when damp; also, Bic lighter + others
    3) COVER - at the very least an emergency space blanket, preferably much more
    4) CONTAINER - a stainless steel wide-mouthed bottle that can be used to boil water, NOT plastic
    5) CORDAGE - 550 paracord of 100 ft length or greater; other types could be used as well
    6) COTTON BANDANA - 100% cotton bandana or shemagh; multiple uses (research it)
    7) CARGO TAPE - an entire roll of 1" or 2" width duct tape; can be collapsed/rerolled
    8) COMPASS - preferably not a small button compass; lensatic with mirror is ideal
    9) CLOTH SAIL NEEDLE - large needle for repairing things, used as an awl, picking splinters
    10) CANDLING DEVICE - a headlamp and/or a tactical flashlight, preferably both
    You have some but not all of these items. You definitely need every last one of these; otherwise your bag should be considered incomplete.

    Riech O. J.: Thank you for this vid. It's funny that I also have somehow similar content but in a written form. Is your GO BAG ready? See this CHECKLIST FOR YOU!

    Jack Watson: Thank you for your service and I just found you and you inspired me to be a army ranger

    STEVE P: Nice.


    SwolyFPS: Start of the video gave me the impression it was an instructional video on how to be a suicide bomber

    Izaiah Grant: thanks for the video, its really helpful. i love watching your videos, their very inspiring and entertaining

    Mr. Morris: How many midget strippers can you fit in that bag?
    Asking for a friend.

    Nick M: Great channel 👍🏻. May wanna add some water filtration too.

    Callsign Sleepwalker: Good video, Semper

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