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    Lucien Engelen: Crowdsource your health

    Lucien Engelen: Crowdsource Your Health

    15 February 2012
    Http ted you can use your smartphone to find a local atm but what if you need a defibrillator at tedxmaastricht lucien engelen shows us online innovation...
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    Wonder of Electronics: 1083

    Tangella Mallikarjuna Raju: Good video to understand to build healthcare applications. Thank you for sharing-

    Jonathan Marks: I think you may even be more successful if you share how long it has taken to set up the system in the Netherlands and then challenge other countries to crowdsource in their own country to try and beat your deadline.

    valdisxp1: MR privacy stands alone int corner and waves his hand. -.-

    Nicholas Stillman: @donkisiko When people know there is a cushy system to fall back on, they exploit it. Why would abusers change their ways if they know heroes will just keep rescuing them, often at someone else's expense? The "other factors" for stroke are also self inflicted. We reward people for smoking, being addicted to stress, and over consumption by taxing healthy people to pay for bad behaviors and the resulting health services. Stroke sufferers get that way by their own hand and by us making it OK.

    don isiko: @MrStillmans Rewarding them for collapsing? Lol I don't think saving someones life is rewarding them... anyway bad diet isn't the sole cause for strokes etc. there are other factors. What he's suggesting is an improvement to the infrastructure - you can't solve every problem with one answer. He also did mention constant monitoring of health using apps and improvement of health via social pressures

    squirreljester2: @Thelizzardcat I assumed it was a European term for a health care facility. Google is telling me it is a defibrillator. Which is he talking about?

    Nicholas Stillman: Now that people know where all the AEDs are, they can eat even more candy without the fear of dying permanently! Maybe people should work on not collapsing...instead of rewarding people for collapsing? Idk, just a thought.

    Amy Wieden: I do not see this as being a good idea. The original intention may be honorable, but I see an awful lot of room for abuse by insurance companies, financial institutions, employers etc. Imagine you are trying to get a loan to buy a home, but the bank says "we don't like the results of your urine sample this morning, so, DENIED!" Or your employer decides you're a risk to his insurance premiums based on this technology. There are very good reasons why medical records need to be kept private.

    Linda Dee Stringer: Great points @Weswada

    Linda Dee Stringer: Oh this will be wonderful for insurance companies and the gov. Insurance policy can be tied to your rising or lowering HEALTH SCORE much like your credit score and they can adjust your premium accordingly. Just wait till there is a wifi toilet to analyze your p&s. Maybe THEY will know before you do and act on all that information before you zip your pants up, but of course i'm playing devil's advocate.

    bluefootedpig: I really like this. It is bringing back accountability. When you make a goal, you cannot hide your failures. This will be a huge motivator for many people.

    quaxk: yeah, like I need less privacy, that's a retarded idea

    thebloads: @ithoutwerfriendsbaby by crowdsourcing AED data?

    YoLninYo: @ImScoobyDew Not the fucking point. Better luck next time.

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